Approved pike: Minimum size 70 cm

Result: The sum in centimeters of the 5 biggest pike during the competition

Registered fish: Documented in the competition sheet + photo against provided measuring board

Measurement: Fish mouth towards the edge of the board to the outer part of the tail fin. Only catch that has been clearly documented with photo against the provided measurement board and with an entry in the written journal will be approved.

Team: Max 2 competitors per team. Kayak teams can consist of two single kayaks or two competitors in a tandem kayak.

Team responsibility:  Every team will use either a smart phone or a digital camera to take picture of their catch. We encourage the use of a smartphone as we plan to use a web-based, mobile-friendly reporting system for gathering data.

If however a team decides to use a digital camera instead, they should please remember to empty their memory card beforehand and to bring their own cables to ease the process of transmitting the images to the controller at the end of each day.


Obligatory life west

Max speed 5 knots within 30 m distance from other boats or kayaks.

No alcohol before or during the competition.

Display sportsmanship towards other teams.

The participants are responsible for their own safety and insurance
The competitor committee takes no responsibility for the competitor’s safety during the competition or during transport to the competition


Spinning and fly fishing, from boat or kayak.

Trolling or angling is not allowed.

One rod per participant and only artificial lures.

Catch and release is required.

Please use a landing net (gaff, lip grip, or similar is prohibited).