The area is easy to access with plenty of roads, paths and places accessible by car and trailer. Lake Bellvik holds plenty of big pike and perch and a limited amount of trout. East of the lake, in Dorotea, you will find our base camp, Doro Camp Lapland.

Launch Sites

Click on the map above to see information about each site.

Kilvamma camp

The first launch site travelling from Dorotea along E45. Kilvamma camp is a large campsite with beach down to the lake with superb opportunities to launch boats and leave boats and engines for the evening. There is a roadblock there that the competition team locks for the evening. We will post hours for the four days shortly.

Rörström bridge

The second launch site driving from Dorotea along E45. Here you can drive the boats down – but no parking of cars is allowed. It is too crowded for that and you might block other competitors. Cars with the trailer are driven to the hometown yard – directly on the opposite side of the road – for parking while you fish.

Bridge-Upper boundary for competition

The first launch site driving to the northernmost part of the competition area. Nice place to relax. Park your cars / trailers to let others pass by.

Old timber deposit

The second launch site at the northernmost part of the competition area. It might be difficult for larger vehicles to turn around. A great spot for kayak anglers and smaller trailers with boats. Park so that you do not obstruct other competitors.

Kayak Location, Stinas torp. 64.24215- 16.17179

This location will be added to the map shortly. It is on the west side of the lake. A bad road leads to the lake where the slope to the water is slightly overgrown but the site works well for kayaks. Nice places to eat can be found on the island on the opposite from the launch site.

NOTE: Nybäcken is no longer a viable launch site due to sensitive beach environment. It has been removed from the map.